Contemporary, historical novels hailed for their realism by law enforcement and legal professionals. Contemporary, historical novelshailed for their realism by law enforcement and legal professionals.

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                           Oracle -- A Different Kind of Jeff Trask Story

What do you do when your dream vacation collides with a plot for a new holocaust?


That’s the question faced by history buff and federal prosecutor Jeff Trask and his wife on what was supposed to be a bucket list getaway to Athens. They meet an old friend and CIA operator who warns them that the cradle of democracy—along with two other capital cities—has been targeted for nuclear destruction by the Islamist regime in Iran, and that the bombs—purchased from Putin’s stockpile in Russia—are set to go off in days. Trask has to decide if they will stay and try to help locate the bomb in Athens, or try to escape from Greece before it’s too late.


Marc Rainer adds another volume to the Jeff Trask award-winning crime drama series with this foray into the realm of international espionage.

The expected release date for "Oracle" is November 8, 2023. The book is available for pre-orders now on Amazon, Smashwords, Gardners, Odilo, Apple, Tolino, Borrowbox, Baker & Taylor, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. It will be available soon on Bibliotheca. Hoople, Overdrive, Scribd, and Vivlio.

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