Contemporary, historical novels hailed for their realism by law enforcement and legal professionals. Contemporary, historical novelshailed for their realism by law enforcement and legal professionals.

Death’s White Horses

Federal prosecutor Jeff Trask is back on the case, after a series of drug overdoses places investigators face to face with Los Zetas—the most dangerous of the Mexican drug cartels. What begins as an investigation of local heroin trafficking soon turns into something far more serious. The cartel will do anything to protect its cash flow–including a series of attacks against Trask’s team that cement Los Zetas’ status as one of the most ruthless criminal organizations of the century. Inspired by actual events from Mexico’s cartel wars, Death’s White Horses showcases the challenges faced by law enforcement on both sides of the border, it also highlights the deadly consequences seen on either end of the US-Mexico drug trade.


Death's White Horses is the third installment in author Marc Rainer's series featuring savvy prosecutor Jeff Trask. This fictionalized account of the Mexican drug cartel wars presents a dark, gripping and violent tale of barberous criminals and the law enforcement officials on both sides of the border charged with fighting a bloody war. Many of the characters portrayed are taken from real life, such as drug kingpins Chapo Guzman and Heriberto Lazcano. Rainer has provided another unflinching, engrossing chronicle. Palmetto Reviews.

Based on real-life events surrounding Mexico's cartel wars, Death's White Horses provides a timely consideration of border skirmishes, drug trafficking, underlying issues of justice, ethics, and moral challenges, creating a fast-paced story that centers as much upon underlying law enforcement and prosecution issues as on physical confrontation. This element lends an intellectual approach to the usual crime story and creates a depth that invites readers to think beyond the thriller elements. Death's White Horses is highly recommended reading for those who like their thrillers based in reality and steeped in issues that reflect real-world conundrums. - D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"An invigorating thriller with an engaging protagonist surrounded by equally worthy characters." Kirkus Reviews


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