Contemporary, historical novels hailed for their realism by law enforcement and legal professionals. Contemporary, historical novelshailed for their realism by law enforcement and legal professionals.

Mob Rules

Assistant United States Attorney Jeff Trask moves from Washington, D.C., to Kansas City, where he begins an investigation into an international drug ring smuggling the deadly combination of fentanyl and heroin from the southern border to the Eastern Seaboard. In this case, Trask is fighting a rival whose criminal genius rivals Trask's own intellect, and--while Trask is bound by the legal code and his own set of morals--the mob boss on the other side of this battle is unencumbered by such restrictions. The investigation forces Trask to choose whether to operate within the legal system or to venture outside it in order to bring down the murderous kingpin. Marc Rainer again blends actual events from his career with a compelling plot line to add to a series of novels hailed by law enforcement professionals for their realism.


"Packed with action, humor, and a few sad, sentimental moments, Mob Rules is a masterfully written thriller that left me longing for more." -- Donald Richard, TopShelf Magazine.


"Former federal prosecutor Marc Rainer has a dynamic way of blending his true life trial experiences with the fictional world of Jeff Trask to amp up the excitement of a criminal investigation. These stories have an excellent mixture of the investigation and prosecution which details what truly goes into finding the criminals, determining guilt and then establishing that guilt in a way which would allow the prosecutors to obtain a verdict in a court of law." --Editor, ebookobsessed.


"Engrossing and educational, all at once ... a satisfying tension to the story line that keeps readers not just involved, but on their toes. Mystery, thriller, and intrigue readers will be delighted with Trask's many challenges, which operate on more than one level." -- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review"


'The bad guys in this tale are just as enthralling as the virtuous players. The story thrives on the attorney's legal fisticuffs. Secondary plot lines shine. The persistently entertaining lawyer leads a superb batch of characters and subplots." -- Kirkus Reviews



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