"Marc Rainer's Capital Kill is a remarkable achievement. Rainer has seemlessly
united the multiple and complex strands of the professional and personal lives
of prosecutors, federal agents, as well as local police into a engrossing and
gripping mosaic. If you buy and read this book, you will eagerly await the next
installment in what promises to be a memorable series."


"Capital Kill is a great legal thriller!  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!"

Lyda Alexander

"Wow, What a novel! Fascinating read that kept my interest from start to finish.  Too bad I could only give it five stars.  I can't wait to read Marc Rainer's next entry.  Trask is my newest hero.  Thank you Marc and keep them coming."

Grandy Gray

"A tremendously enjoyable read.  The various characters and events keep the story moving in an interesting direction.  Extremely well written, a definite home run."

Tania S. 

"This is better than any other courtroom/legal drama book I have ever read.  I was glued to this book . . . so much excitement happening on every page.  I hope that there are many more books by Marc Rainer in the future!"

Ginagina 24 

"What a great novel . . . a thrilling story with some great characters.  I'd be intrigued to see it brought to the big or small screen."

Steve Raby

"Rainer is so good that you will find yourself questioning the line between fiction and reality . . . The author's experience and writing skill will wrench your emotion, challenge your imagination, and leave you wondering how much of this he has really lived."


"A rocket read from the very first page, this book should rank right at the top
of your "to do" list. The realism is astounding and can only come from a mind
that has been there. Read the book - you will not be sorry."

Leonard R. 

"Super first novel! I enjoyed this from start to finish. Marc Rainer has a writing style reminiscent of early Robert K. Tanenbaum. . . Tom Clancy, and Robert Travers.  "Capital Kill" held my attention from beginning to end. And like other courtroom thrillers written by good trial lawyers, "Capital Kill" also serves as a pretty good primer for aspiring attorneys."Capital Kill" passes with flying colors."


"I have no doubt that this will be a #1 bestseller."


"Excellent writing. Great story line. I have read many books in this genre and it
is obvious from the outset that the writer has insider knowledge of what goes on
in the US Attorney's office and with investigators. Lots of action, amazing
detail in the procedures that only an insider would know. Great read."

Stan L.