"Get ready for one of the best books you'll ever read!! Marc Rainer's Capital Kill is suspenseful, realistic, touching, and full of shocks and surprises at almost every page turn. Rainer's easy-to-read writing style and his talent for vivid description and great story-telling make this book almost impossible to put down."


"This was an AMAZING thriller I absolutely loved the author's writing style and his character development was superb. The imagination and creativity invested into creating this work radiates off the page! You don't want to miss this one."


"This is one legal thriller that I could not put down. Marc Rainer grabs your attention on the first page and holds it firmly all the way to the last page. I am partial to legal thrillers (having been in the legal field for 35 years) and rate this one at the top with the very best. The only rating you can give this book is 5 stars!" 

Helen Cullefer

"One of the best damn crime thrillers I have read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy it and read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Michael Seal

"Capital Kill captured me immediately and kept me turning the pages with eager
anticipation and pure reader satisfaction. With excellent character development,
logical thinking and believeable outcomes, Rainer leaves the reader wanting and
expecting more. Hopefully, this isn't the last we've seen of Jeff Trask. I
highly recommend this legal thriller---well done, Mr. Rainer!!"


"The reason other reviewers keep using the word 'gripping' when describing
Capital Kill is the same reason I use it here: Marc Rainer's prose grabs the
reader's attention from the start and doesn't let it go.  Rainer weaves a web of
intrigue that will have you turning 'just one more page'. As a first novelist,
he achieves what so many others don't, in that he maintains a balance between
humor and pathos, suspense and resolution, all the while providing a real and
very human insight into the tangled world of US courtrooms, navigating the
jargon and legalese so that even readers with no knowledge of law come away with
new understanding. Characters here are also very much 3D; you care about what
happens to them, whether for good or evil, and as the last line falls away,
you'll find yourself asking, 'When's the next book out?' so you can follow them
afresh. Even if not from the States, if you're a fan of US TV shows such as The
District, CSI, NCIS, or The West Wing, then trust me: you'll love Capitol Kill.
It would certainly lend itself well to either large or small screen, but take
the opportunity now to 'see' it on the best one there is - your own imagination.
Well done, Mr Rainer. Now, about that next novel...?"

Elizabeth Davies, United Kingdom 

"This is an enthralling and fascinating read. My favorite aspect of this book is
the internal dialog of the assistant federal prosecutor. After all, how many TV
crime/legal dramas have we all watched during which we have only been allowed to
wonder what the thoughts and reactions of the prosecution (to the defense, to
the defendant, to the witnesses, to the jury) are? The ending is "blockbuster,"
and the entire novel would make a terrific full-length film. I highly recommend
Capital Kill to any reader who enjoys this type of genre."

Eagleweng, Ocean Springs, MS

"Just finished reading "Capital Kill"! I could hardly put it down after I started
reading it. Rainer's style of writing is the right mix of enough detail to make the
reader feel apart of the story without getting bogged down and interesting
dialogue to keep the story moving. My favorite authors are Vince Flynn and Lee
Child and now I would add to that list Marc Rainer."


"The only negative I saw about this legal thriller was that it was over too fast.
It was well written and kept my interest throughout. Would love to see it made
into a TV series perhaps? Anyway, bring on the sequel! Great job!"

Mary Bichsel