Looking for a top-ranked, exciting, chilling, spell-binding crime thriller to read? See what readers are saying about Capital Kill

"Worthwhile stories are hard to find - the ones that make us think deeply about our surroundings, reevaluate our beliefs, or confront a different side of humanity that we were previously unaware of. Rainer meets all of these criteria with Capital Kill. The good guys in this thriller will make you feel human again, and the twist at the end will make you question your stance on crime and punishment. Trask is an enduring character. Can't wait for the sequel and many more."

Southern Editor

"This is a fast-moving engrossing book. One can’t help but being caught up in the action as the story whisks us from one place to the next. It has a Tom Clancy feel to the story . . . It starts with a frightening murder in Washington, D.C., takes us to the slums of Kingston, Jamaica; from an Air Force Base in the south-east and a mountain in Utah to the eastern seaboard of the U.S. The climactic scene in a federal court-room in Washington is unforgettable. Highly recommended!"

Michael Wims, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Author Marc Rainer knows how to deliver. This novel has a great amount of
realism throughout. It is apparent that Rainer knows the ins and outs of
investigations as well as the courtroom. He combined those experiences to present an extremely entertaining read containing twists and turns combined with humor and excitement throughout. All of this written with a strong measure of believability. Highly recommend this  book.

L.T., Kansas City, MO 

"An exciting investigative novel.  Marc Rainer's own background enhanced his knowledge of the details of the Washington scene, keeping my attention from the beginning to the surprising end of Capital Kill.  I look forward to Rainer’s next novel." 

Tom O'Neal, Selmer, Tennessee

"Capitol Kill was a very entertaining book filled with murder, drugs, and gangs
with some romance and humor thrown in the mix. This book was a very good legal thriller. It has realistic court room drama and I couldn't put it down."

M.S., North Carolina 


"As a lawyer and prosecutor, I love legal thrillers . . . with one caveat: They must be realistic . . . I recommend this book for anybody who loves crime novels and lawyer novels, and who demands realistic portrayals of the people involved in those professions. 5-stars!"

D.S.  Palm Springs, California 

"I really enjoyed this courtroom drama. It seemed very realistic and believable . . . there is a lot of wonderful humor as well. This is a great legal thriller, and I recommend it completely. I look forward to Marc Rainer's next novel."

M.J.H.  Golden, Colorado

"This book should become the first of a sequel. It combines both a strong degree of realism and lively novel writing. I unreservedly recommend that people who enjoy police, law, and crime novels read Capital Kill."

J.K., Virginia

"There are many lawyers, I'm sure, who want to be "the next John Grisham," but
few, if any, come close to Grisham's greatest attribute: the ability to tell a fascinating story incredibly well. It's frankly hard to believe this is Marc Rainer's first novel, the writing and story-telling are so good. The story has all the marks of someone who has seen all this "up close and personal". As a lawyer, I generally stay away from books about lawyers -- mainly because the stories aren't really that interesting. Marc Rainer -- like John Grisham -- is an exception. Highly recommended. Very much looking forward to the sequel."

M. Pope 

"The courtroom drama reminded me of a combination of a good Grisham story and an episode of Law And Order. A lot of unexpected happenings and humor (very dry). I enjoyed the book very much and think anyone most likely would."

Rick L.,  Arkansas

"Like a spider weaving his web, Marc Rainer spins a great story, drawing the
reader in, page by page, character by character. A fast reading, fast paced
first novel that leaves the reader wanting more! Don't start reading this novel
if you don't have time to finish; it is hard to put down!"


" 'Capital Kill' is not only a thrilling courtroom/murder mystery, but is also a
beginner's guide to understanding the numerous overlapping levels of bureaucracy
that, despite human frailty, effectively work together to protect the American
people. Hope to see more work by this author in the future."

Julie Pratt

"If you are seeking a riveting read for the summer this is a perfect choice."

Lee Hiller

"I highly recommend this book. When I started reading it, it was one that I could
not put away."


"Capital Kill is a captivating read. To a former reporter who spent many hours hanging around law enforcement and courtrooms, the scenes and dialogue ring true. The book mixes all the ingredients essential to a good thriller - a little romance, suspense, fast-paced dialogue, an evil villain (or two) and unexpected twists. Start reading this one and it will be hard to put down."

Avid Reader